Best Customer service: Our team is made of friendly and professional people guaranteeing the best service every day.
Expert made itineraries: We offer itineraries that will not only take you to a place but to really experiencing it. Our trips are inspiring, enriching and make you have a true feel of a destination that you choose. We take you off the beaten truck to experience the cultures of our people thus adding richness and spontaneous moments to every trip. Clients are free to craft custom made itineraries to meet specific needs.
Expert local guides: We work with local guides who are experts in the field of tourism and know our country in and out. With them on the field we believe your dream travel will be achieved. Authentic travel is what matters in every trip we make.
Handy picked accommodation: We carefully select accommodation to balance comfort and location. From upscale camps and lodges; luxurious hotels, mobile camps to midrange facilities. In each accommodation we make sure your stay is as much as comfortable and inline to your budget.
Responsible travel: We believe travel should change us not the world. Our itineraries involve visiting places and communities that will enrich your trip while at the same time empower local women and youth economically to sustain livelihood. This way we create win win situation and harmony everywhere we travel.